Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh nooo :(

So ive heard MAC are takin away pigment and paint sticks!!
Paint sticks i can live without they break too easy and i find they crease...bu pigments ahhh!!
Apparently sales aren't good enough and i can see why for the price but stil!
I mean u get the perfect colour,there easy to work with,there versitil(did i spell that right hehe) and they last for live,unless u spill them like me lol!
I have no idea when their takin them away or if they wil only come out with limited edition collections or if indeed they are takin them away but i hope MAC change their minds!
Bye bye pigments!
Loads of love,
Cat xoxox

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Top 5 YouTubers/Bloggers

These are the chicas i cant get enough of :)
Seriously Ive learned so much about make up from them and i can watch their videos and read there blogs for hours!

1. Lollipop26! I started watchin her videos about a year ago and seriously if u want good honest make up advice this is the girl to go to! I constantly check for updates from her she is hands down my fave out there u gotta check her out :)!

2. QueenBeeuty! I dont think you could come across a sweeter girl! You jus cant help wan2 be her friend and shes got a great style i love her :)

3. MakeupbyMel! Seriously this girl is soooo funny! I actually do laugh out loud watchn her vids! And shes drop dead gorgeous! I love how she has no prob jus bein herself that makes her vids even better!

4. EllaCinderellax! 1 word GORGEOUS! I love readin her blogs and i love how she posts loads of pics too! Shes not scared to be silly and come on we all need a bit of sillyness right :)

5.Dollyisglitter! I wish this girl went bac to makin vids :( her make up is unbelievable and hands down if she said something was good id go out and buy it!

Well thats it guys hope ye love these girls as much as i do and get some good tips n tricks off them :)

Lots of love,Cat XoXoX